Crisis Nursery in Malawi, Africa Fundraiser


Greetings! We are raising money to help Crisis Nursery in Malawi, Africa. This is a great establishment ran by a few women who take in babies and infants ranging from one day old to about two years old. These children don't have parents or guardians to take care of them, due to disease, abandonment, or death of any/all family. This place can care for about 20 children, and are always in need of supplies such as formula, diapers, medicine, clothes, and pretty much everything babies need.


I (Tim Brady) have personally visited this organization a few times and am in direct contact with people who frequent it, and can take supplies to them! All the money raised will go towards the most important items that these children need. Any amount helps, every dollar goes a long way in Malawi, which is one of the poorest countries in the world. You can help!


Zikomo! (Chichewa for ‘Thank You’)